mRemoteNG password recovery

mRemoteNG password recovery
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mRemoteNG is a widely used remote connection management tool for Windows. If you lost your passwords, there is a way to recover…

Show on screen

To recover your password, you have to create an external tool like this (screenshots below):

  • Open Tools > External Tools (top menu)

Open external tools

  • Click on New (upper left)
  • Create a new tool with the following parameters
    • Display Name: Password recovery
    • Filename: cmd
    • Arguments: /k echo %password%

Create password recovery tool

  • Rightclick on the connection to recover, go to External Tools, Password recovery

Run the tool

A command line window should open showing the password in cleartext.

If you prefer copying the password to clipboard instead of showing it on the screen, add another external tool like above with the following parameters:

  • Display Name: Copy password
  • Filename: cmd
  • Arguments: /C "echo %password%|clip"
    • Note: There must not be a space in between, otherwise it will copy an additional space

Now you can paste the password wherever you want.

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