Fixing Remmina typing issues by remapping keys

Fixing Remmina typing issues by remapping keys
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Remmina is great software for connecting remotely. However, used with xrdp and XVnc there may be some issues with typing and mapping keys. Here is a possible workaround…


I use a german keyboard layout together with Debian 12, xrdp and xvnc and as client Remmina. With these tools, everytime I hold the right shift key and type something, it activates caps lock and all further typing is screwed, until I hit the right shift key again.


After some research I found out that it is possible to remap keys in [Remmina] via input field .

So my simple workaround is just mapping the right shift key (Shift_R) to the left one. That’s it.

The remapping config looks like this:


where 0x36 is Shift_R and 0x2a is Shift_L - for a full mapping overview see this page .

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