GitHub sponsors - current report

GitHub sponsors - current report
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Recently, I enabled GitHub sponsors for some of my projects, mainly because a happy user wanted to donate money to support my work. So I thought: Why not collect the donations for charitable purposes. Here is a current report.


I never thought my personal Open Source projects would earn any reputation, and I’m still surprised, how many people use my software.

Since I’m in the lucky situation as a developer with a good income working for fun in my free time, I plan to use the money for other Open Source Projects or charitable purposes.

My Open Source projects

My projects with most attention (and stars) are:

  • m4b-tool - tool to merge, split or and manipulate audiobook files with chapters
  • tone - a cross platform audio tagger

There are some more small projects , but nothing too exciting.

Finding charities deserving support

There are lots of possibilities to donate money for charity, but not all of them are transparent on how they work or how they use the donated money.

After a bit of research (german) the following organisations caught my attention, because they are the most valuable and transparent projects with charitable purpose available I could find in Germany (where I live):

Since charitable donations are only useful if a certain amount is donated (at least 150.00$), I have to wait until the sponsorships pass this value, but I publish the donation receipt, as soon as it’s done.

My sponsors

Currently, there are a few monthly sponsors and some more on time sponsorships. Thank you. I’ll try to keep this report up to date at least every month and be as transparent as possible.

Current report

April 2023€ 41.73no payout
May 2023€ 49.92ongoing
Total payout€ 0.00


I would like thank all my sponsors for donating there money and hope this report helps them understand what the money is used for….

Please let me know if I missed something or if I can help you with more information.

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